The following are comments from
several of our customers:

Kerus Medical Systems

"As one of the founders of a bio-medical startup, I was delighted to learn that Dick Johnson was available as an independent consultant. Having previously worked closely with Dick, I was confident that he could get our technical efforts off to a flying start. At this point, I would say he exceeded my expectations. He competently carried out a wide range of tasks from theoretical optical design to detailed mechanical drawings. With Dick's help, we were able to ship a prototype system in just over 3 months from the starting date of the company."

Cynthia Penturelli,
Vice President Kerus Medical Systems

Uniphase Corporation

"Pending additions to electrical safety regulations caused customer demand for certain circuits to be added to our laser power supply, but space available in their equipment dictated that we maintain an existing form factor. We did not have the in-house resources to tackle this design challenge and bids from other consultants did not meet our schedule and cost containment requirements. Dick did an outstanding job on this contract."

Kurk Mathews,
Project Leader Uniphase Corporation

CMC Technologies, Inc.

"During the formative stages of our company, I was asked to locate a consultant to help with optical design and problem solving. Dick Johnson was the best qualified candidate and, for nearly two years, has been extremely valuable to us. In a startup situation versatility is very important and Dick has gone well beyond my initial expectations. He has done a superb job of designing an injection molded plastic lens and contributing to the selection of fiber optics. Beyond that, he made an excellent contribution to the design of injection molded plastics parts used in our consumer electronics product."

Edward M. Buckley,
Vice President CMC Technologies, Inc.

Stanford University
School of Medicine

"A recent research project involved developing quantitative models of the relationship between the duration of a noxious visual stimulus and the time course of skin conductance response. The human visual system is very sensitive. To test the lower limits of human perception it was necessary to develop an optical projection system capable of flashing an image on a screen for intervals as short as 6 milliseconds. By far the most efficient way of searching for expertise these days is to search the World Wide Web. Using Alta Vista I identified several consultants. Most proposed using computer monitors, which simple calculations demonstrated were unable to achieve the high speeds required for the work. Dr. Richard Johnson submitted a proposal that was practical, inexpensive, and elegant in simplicity. Dick and I worked together developing the system. He outlined the specifications, developed detailed opto-mechanical designs, and specified the necessary parts. Using Alta Vista, and e-mail, I found vendors for all of the parts. Many of the vendors also supplied used equipment, which saved hundreds of dollars on the cost of the system components. Virtually the entire project, including identifying potential consultants, screening competing proposals, reviewing and approving plans, and finding and ordering parts, was conducted through the Internet.

I picked up the completed system this week. Dick did an outstanding job. The system is rugged, works well, and looks highly professional. The performance of the system exceeded the specifications. Interestingly, I met Dick face-to-face for the first time when I picked up the system.

With the explosive growth of the World Wide Web, the Internet has become an absolutely indispensable research tool. The Internet makes it possible to identify and collaborate with consultants like Dr. Johnson. This experience shows that through the Internet consultants can provide their expertise to researchers around the world as easily as though they were next door. For investigators needing superb technical advice in optical-mechanical design, I expect that you would be as pleased as I have been with the highly professional and proficient service provided by Dr. Johnson.

Steven L. Shafer, M.D.
Associate Professor of Anesthesia
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford, CA

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